Why Does A Church Need Documents?


There are many good reasons why a New Testament Church ought to have a Confession of Faith, a Covenant, and a Constitution. Together, these documents can greatly assist us in the efforts of biblically organizing and stewarding the ministries which have been entrusted to us by our Head, Jesus Christ. However, it must be admitted that these documents, despite their usefulness and precision, will accomplish nothing apart from the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in a Church. Therefore, it should not be assumed that merely inserting these documents into a church will bring life out of deadness or order amidst chaos. These documents are not our savior, they must never be thought of as equal with Scripture, but a good confession, church covenant, and constitution can go a long way in promoting the health of the church.


The Bible is the supreme authority in all matters of doctrine and practice, but a confession of faith is a summary of the doctrinal beliefs of the church and therefore becomes a valuable tool to protect and encourage sound doctrine within the church. While a confession of faith is not inspired by God or inerrant, it is a valuable resource that serves the good of the church. It helps visitors who want to know what the church believes, it serves members as it summarizes the doctrines that bind them together and it serves the elders as it provides wisdom in navigating pastoral oversight.


If a confession of faith is a summary of right doctrine, the church covenant summarizes right living. The covenant aids church leaders and members by describing what a Christian life looks like. It is for this reason that a good covenant summarizes many of the "one anothers" of Scripture. This means that a proper use of a church covenant will encourage members to take responsibility for each other’s growth in godliness. Now of course, the pursuit of a godly life does not save, but a changed life is evidence of conversion, and keeping a church covenant on the front burner of church life is a crucial way to keep sanctification front and center as well.


A constitution serves to define the practical questions of how a church will function as it carries out its duties and privileges. A good constitution should answer very foundational questions: who is qualified to be an elder or deacon? What do elders and deacons do? How are these leaders elected? Who can be a member? How should church discipline be carried out? Can an elder be dismissed? While these questions may seem dull or unspiritual to some, vagueness and ambiguity are of no value to a church trying to resolve conflict or navigate a leadership transition. Therefore, a church constitution will aid the body by clearly defining expectations, roles, and practice within the church.


I recognize not everyone is going to think documents like these are of great importance, especially when you look around the world (and hopefully across our fence) and see a great many needs for evangelism and discipleship. And rightly so, any church that is more concerned about a church confession than actual people needs to take a good look in the mirror.

However, just because something is of less importance, it does not mean it is unimportant. Think of a vineyard. Undoubtedly, a crucial element of any vineyard is the vines themselves. However, every good vineyard also has a trellis. That trellis keeps the vines up off the ground protects the grapes from unnecessary harm or disease. Now, I don't know of any wine tour that intentionally goes around and talks up how good a particular trellis is, but I guarantee that every good vineyard owes the quality of its fruit in part to a substantial trellis. You get the point - church documents are not the end of the matter but play a critical role in the life of a church.

Weekly Update: 08-31-2018

Hello church,

We pray you are doing well and continuing to trust in the goodness of Christ through your week. As we anticipate gathering this coming Sunday, we would encourage you to continue to read through Philippians and pray for fruit. This Sunday we will be considering Paul's triumphant testimony of Philippians 1:18-26. 

As we move into another week, here are a couple of announcements to be mindful of:

  • First Sunday Luncheon: Join us immediately after our morning service this Sunday, September 2 for a light lunch. These potluck luncheons are a great way to get to know one another and spend some time together as a church family. Please bring a dish to share with others.
  • Youth Group: All students, ages 13-18 are invited to meet up at Lynn and Gayla Miner's house this Thursday, 6:30-8pm. Come to share a meal, get to know one another and learn from God's Word together. The Miner's house is located at 11021 Red Dog in NC. Should you have any questions, please call Gayla at 925-783-5392.
  • Women's Breakfast: Ladies, please mark your calendar for Saturday, September 15 at 9am for our women's breakfast, being hosted at Annie Wagner's house (10360 Kenwood Drive, GV). If you are new to the church or looking to meet some of the other ladies, this will be a great introduction. Please bring a breakfast item to share. Should you have any questions, please call Annie at 415-987-7671.

Again, should you have any questions or desire to sit down with an elder for coffee or lunch, please let us know. It is our joy to serve you.

With our love in the Lord Jesus,

Adam Collins
Brett Wagner
Mark Agness
Tyler Hargrove

Weekly Update: 08-24-2018

As of this past Sunday, we have celebrated four weeks together as a newly combined church! While we are still adjusting to this new work in some ways, we have much to be thankful for and the evidence of God’s good grace is already visible. As your elders, we want you to know how we thank God for you and are praying for you. Specifically, we spent time this past week praying that God would unite us in love for one another, enabling us to share in the joys of gospel fellowship.

As Adam helpfully reminded us last Sunday, our prayer in this new season is:

“that your love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment, so that you may approve what is excellent, and so be pure and blameless for the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God.” (Philippians 1:9–11)

Please join us in praying that God might continue his excellent work amongst us and that our lives might glorify him.

As we look ahead to the coming weeks, we wanted to make you aware of a couple of items:

  • First Sunday Luncheon: Beginning September 2nd, we will be setting aside the first Sunday of each month to share in a light luncheon immediately following our morning service. These potluck luncheons are intended to be a time in which we can share a meal together and continue to get to know one another better. Please bring a dish or item to share.
  • Giving and Name Change Process: The official filing with the state of California to change our name to “Christ Community Church” is in process, but taking longer than anticipated. Therefore, until this is finalized, please make any giving out to “Redeemer Church.” If you have previously made a check out to “Christ Community Church,” please see Sandy Hansen for assistance. We will update you once this process is complete and when all giving can be made out to Christ Community Church. Thank you for your patience in this.
  • Volunteer Opportunities - If you are looking for a way to connect with others and lend a hand, we continue to have are several opportunities within our weekly Sunday service. If you would like to learn about helping with sound, media, setup, hospitality or assisting in kid’s classes, please speak to Andrew Moon or George Hansen after the service.

Additionally, should you have any questions or have any feedback regarding the church or this new season of ministry, PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out to one of us. We are glad to sit down with you and get to know each of you better as we follow Christ together.

With our love in the Lord Jesus,

Adam Collins
Brett Wagner
Mark Agness
Tyler Hargrove